Seder Box

Planning to host your first Seder? Our Seder Box has everything you need!



    Seder Box

    • For The Seder Table

      • A handcrafted fabric Matzah set:
      • Collapsible Matzah Box – just snap the corners together to assemble
      • Afikoman Bag
      • Matzah Cover, with sections for three matzot
      • Six small bowls to convert any dinner plate into a seder plate
      • Kiddush Cup (for Elijah)
      • Four of our exclusive egalitarian liberal Haggadot
      • ....or choose four traditional Haggadot (while quantities last)
      • LED Candles and candle holders


      For Seder Preparation

      • Charoset recipes
      • A toaster oven Matzah recipe – so you can try your hand at making your own
      • Links to ideas for hosting your seder