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How do You Spell Chanukah?

We grew up spelling Chanukah....Chanukah. What about you?

Chanukiah with candles

Really, there's only one correct way to spell it....in Hebrew:  חנוכה ​

A quick Internet search (of course) brings us to joemaller.com's list,entitled 16 Ways to Spell Hanukkah. (joemaller.com/601/sixteen-ways-to-spell-hanukkah)

There are 18 spellings on his list. Here they are, in order of popularity.

1. Hanukkah 2. Chanukah 3. Hanukah 4. Hannukah 5. Chanuka 6. Chanukkah 

7. Hanuka 8. Channukah 9. Chanukka 10. Hanukka 11. Hannuka 12. Hannukkah ​13. Channuka 14. Xahuka 15. Hannukka 16. Channukkah 17. Channukka ​18. Chanuqa

Of course, that's only in English....

Enjoy this take on the question, from the leevees