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So...Why Are We Doing This?

Here we are at our very first outing to introduce JewJu Box to the world

What are we doing this?

Everyone needs community.  Our goal is to make it easier for Jews to feel at home, wherever they go and wherever they are. Creating a sense of home needs tools. A JewJu Box is just that toolbox. Everyone needs community. We know how hard it is to stay connected to our roots as we move through life, be it to university, a new town, or an extended stay away. Whether it’s a recipe, a mezuzah, or candles, we all need a bit of home, wherever we go.

Not everybody lives in a Jewish neighbourhood. All our Shabbat candle holders take tea lights, which are easy to find everywhere. Similarly, our Chanukiah takes birthday candles. 

Everyone needs community, even in transitory situations. Our mezuzot are removable, in case you can't or don't want to leave nail holes. Our shabbat candles are electric, so you can use them when a fire is impractical or impossible. 

We are proud of our JewJu Boxes. They are attractive, but still reasonably priced. They're  convenient, easy to send, and easy to use throughout the Jewish year. The components look good enough to put on display, but they are also easy to put away from week to week. They suit a variety of backgrounds and situations, and are suitable for all stages of life, from graduation, through travel, conversion, marriage, and illness. Because everyone needs community.