Frequently Asked Questions



What is your return policy?

If something arrives broken or doesn't work, send us an email with a picture, and we'll send a replacement.




Do you ship outside Canada and the US?


We have worked very hard to make sure our JewJu Boxes are reasonably priced. Shipping beyond these borders will probably cost more than the boxes themselves. If you still want to go ahead, contact us and we'll get a shipping estimate for you.



Where can I find replacement candles?

Our boxes are designed to be easy to use even if you don't live in a Jewish area. So when you run out of candles, or the battery wears out, they're easy to replace. The Chanukah candles are thin birthday candles, readily available in dollar stores and party stores. The LED candles can be found in many larger supermarkets, in dollar stores, and craft stores.



How can I be sure the items in the JewJu Box will be used the right way? For example, how can I be sure they won't use the Tzedakah box for laundry money, or the candles for a candlelight dinner?

The box comes with a list of contents, so the recipient knows what their intended use is. We also include blessings. But we make no guarantees. What we're sure of, though, is that the chances of someone setting money aside for Tzedakah is better if they have somewhere to put it. And the chances of someone observing Shabbat are better if they have what they need to do so.




Is the parchment inside my Mezuzah Kosher?

Your Mezuzah has a photocopy of the required text. If you want a hand-written parchment for your Mezuzah, written by a Scribe, they are available at any Judaica shop. If you would like us to get one for you, we will let you know the cost before ordering one locally. Prices fluctuate with the value of the dollar. We won't charge you any additional markup.