I finally got my JewJu Box and I am speechless! Ellen and Judy were fantastic, worked it all out with me despite the difficulty in preparing and sending a box to Europe, for someone moving to a place without a Jewish community!


Their work is a true Mitzvah, and the fruit of it is that I will be able to live a Jewish life even if I'm alone in the middle of the sea!


Todah Rabah!

AS, Portugal


My university son got his box today and it even prompted him to call home. A real phone call. Not just a text.

Great idea. Fast delivery

LF. Ottawa, ON

It's strange how moving away from a community makes you embrace your identity even more. This box helped me feel much more at home in a new city


When people come over, I tell them a bit about how I grew up, and just being able to talk about has been a really positive experience.

RB, Vancouver, BC

I received my Chanukah package in the mail today and words cannot describe how happy it made me.

Opening the box and sorting through

all the fun surprises inside absolutely made my day during a stressful exam season. I just wanted to thank you for sending a little piece of home all the way to Kingston.

AN, Kingston, ON

I got home today from Brantford for my Winter Break. I see the gift you sent me and I love it! Thank you so much, it is so kind and thoughtful and very unexpected. 


BW, Brantford, ON

My son received this for his bar mitzvah from a friend We haven’t had a Shabbat at home without it since.

It is becoming part of our family’s tradition.

An amazing idea that has translated perfectly to our Shabbat table.

ZS, Thornhill, ON



I just got my Seder Box and I’m super excited to use it for the first time. We were going to host a mini Seder at our house, so this will be perfect for that.

LS, Vancouver, BC

I love my JewJu box. It was given to me as a gift as I set off to university. It has everything I could need to help me celebrate the holidays and festivals away from home.

It has also been a wonderful

conversation starter with my non Jewish roommates. They now participate in

some of the rituals with me.

AP, Waterloo, ON

I just received a call from my son to say he got "the coolest" delivery today from our Temple and it made his day.

JS. Thunder Bay, ON

I am so impressed with the quality of the Passover kit. Ellen and Judy got me the two kits quickly and they are just beautiful. Thank you! Happy Passover.

LH, Toronto, ON

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