A JewJu Box is a gift box created especially for those who are setting up a new Jewish home. We chose the contents to make it easy to establish a Jewish home, and life, wherever the owner may be, and wherever they may go. We like to think of each one as Jewish home in a box. We offer guides to Jewish life for those in a new community, or off to University, 

We make it easy to give the gift of a Jewish home.


We’re proud of our boxes, and we believe they're the perfect gift for anyone in a new Jewish home, temporary or permanent.

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JewJu Boxes are reasonably-priced. We’ve worked hard to make sure that it’s affordable to give the gift of a Jewish home. It’s expensive enough sending a child off to University, without having to spend hundreds more on the things that they need to live their Jewish identity away from home. 

They’re simple, modern, and sophisticated enough that we would be proud to have them in our own homes.  No fringes. No ornate or old-fashioned images. They’re also compact enough to be tucked away if the owner prefers.

They suit people in different places in their identity and practice.  We are strongly liberal and egalitarian, and our products reflect that. The prayers we include are short, with transliteration and translation, and gender-neutral language. Where it makes sense, our materials come with Reform and Conservative options.

There’s a certain comfort in just having Jewish things around. We can’t guarantee you that someone will use the candles and Kiddush cup, or hang the Mezuzah, or use the Tzedakah box as intended. But we do know that without them, they won’t be able to. 

Our boxes can be used anywhere. Our Shabbat candles take tea lights, because regular Shabbat candles can be hard to find if you’re not near a Jewish community. Our Chanukiah takes birthday candles for much the same reason. We use LED tea lights and removable strips for the Mezuzah, so they can be used where flames and nails are not allowed. We’re still searching for an attractive, compact and reasonably priced electric Menorah to include in our ChanuBox, and we’ll let you know when we do. 

We include personal and unique touches. Our home boxes have an exclusive recipe for toaster oven Challah. We include an attractive holiday calendar and magnet, perfect for the fridge. We research and update Jewish life on and off campus for the Guides to Jewish Life at Canadian Universities, which are also available online.